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You can Recognize a Good Web Designer without First Becoming One

May 1, 2016

On Monday, Examiner posted a simple article purporting to detail the “best principles of effective web design.” The headline went on to provocatively claim that these are principles that “most designers don’t know.”

The latter claim seems to just be a sort of click-bait. However, it may technically be true depending on whether you define “designers” solely as professional web design companies or as anybody who has ever taken it upon themselves to design an amateur website.

The trouble is that an article like Examiner’s is more likely to contribute to the problem than it is teach crucial skills to amateur web designers. And it’s certainly not teaching much of anything to competent professionals at web design companies in Los Angeles or other competitive markets.

That is to say that no information that’s tucked into a small article on a general information website is likely to teach you how to build a website that both attracts and retains traffic. What it can do, however, is give you a sense of how to vet your local web design company and evaluate its work.

The Examiner article is similar to innumerably many others that are spread across the web. They’re all valuable in their own right, provided that you only view them as a means to thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of what your local web design company has created, and not as an incentive to build your website all on your own.

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