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What Can You Learn About SEO from Non-SEO Tools?

September 9, 2015


Search Engine Land recently published an article calling attention to six non-SEO tools that can be used in a company’s daily search engine optimization efforts. It is well worth looking at the entire site, or sharing it with you SEO company. And if they are forward thinking, they will use it as incentive to look at other peripheral tools that could contribute to overall SEO.

But it is the final item on the list that particularly sticks out in our mind as contributing to a larger message, and one that can bring value to search engine optimization and the interactions between e-commerce sites and their local SEO company partners.

The tool, Title Checker, only serves a minor function on its own. Supposing you’re a Los Angeles-based business, it allows you or some third-party SEO company in Beverly Hills to have friends, family, colleagues, clients, or a general L.A. readership review and vote upon a series of alternative titles for online content, in order to find out which one is more likely to generate clicks.

This is rather far removed from the usual consumer feedback one pursues on Facebook and Instagram. But it is a form of social media marketing nonetheless, and it goes to show that there are a variety of easily overlooked ways in which SEO companies can utilize social media to gather data about user behavior and preference, and then use this modify and improve SEO best practices.

This once again speaks to why it is helpful to contract with an SEO company that is also a local social media company, because there is frequent, significant overlap between these two areas of expertise. The more well-versed your business partners are in social media, the more likely they will be to identify and fully utilize the non-SEO tools that make SEO more data-driven and effective.

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