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On Guard Against Negative SEO

August 17, 2015

A recent article at Search Engine Watch on “the perils of negative SEO” is well worth reading for anyone who might have unscrupulous competitors for online marketing cache. The article indicates that modern “black hat” methods of search engine manipulation can be a real threat to your position in the search engine, especially if that position is new and not yet very secure.

More importantly, the article discusses how you can avoid being successfully targeted by negative SEO, which utilizes the latest rules of search engine ranking to make your online marketing campaign look deceptive, thus knocking it out of the search results.

In spite of the practical advice on how to guard against this, the article ultimately presents more bad news if your firm doesn’t have a local SEO company that it works with on a regular basis. That is, it illustrates how guarding against negative SEO requires constant vigilance, involving specialized tools for monthly or weekly monitoring of inbound links, so as to disavow those that are illegitimate.

This is a lot to handle if you’re a busy Los Angeles e-commerce site without internal expertise in the latest SEO tools and safeguards. The threat of a negative SEO attack, however serious it may be in your industry or field, could derail your SEO campaign very quickly, and you’d be better off partnering with a Los Angles SEO company to anticipate and prevent such attacks in the first place, rather than hiring it to clean up and rebuild practically from scratch once the damage has been done.

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