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Pink Shark Marketing’s Clients Talk About Google Ads Success

April 12, 2023

Effective advertising through Google ads can mean the world of a difference when it comes to growing your business. As we have seen on multiple occasions, Pink Shark Marketing has helped their clients grow their businesses in ways they couldn’t have ever imagined before. Every successful business needs great advertising, and with Google Ads being one of the most effective advertising tools out there, it’s essential to know how to take advantage of it. In this blog, we will hear what Pink Shark Marketing’s clients have to say about Google Ads company.

The first client we will hear from is John from a local Los Angeles store. He was looking for a company that could highlight and market their shop’s unique brand and draw in new customers. After hiring Pink Shark Marketing for Google Ads company, he noticed their audience reach started to grow rapidly, and sales steadily increased. They managed to bring in amazing traffic at lower costs than they previously tried with their own advertising tactics. The best part? Pink Shark suggested several campaigns for them to experiment with and find what worked best to help grow their business.

Next, we have a chiropractic office based in Encino, Tracy sought to grow their practice and increase traffic to their website’s page. After working with Pink Shark Marketing, they helped the chiropractor gain a more robust online presence and get them on the map. The outcome was more online users seeing their website and increased appointments, all thanks to the successful Google Ads campaign Pink Shark created and implemented.

Another client who Pink Shark Marketing helped is Alex, a local Los Angeles gym owner. He was looking to bring in new members and build a community through a strong campaign with Google Ads company. Within weeks of Pink Shark’s ads being active, he saw a significant increase in his gym’s community, as well as an increase in gym memberships. He was able to reach his target audience, draw people to the gym, and create a dynamic and engaged atmosphere for his gym members.

A more recent client of Pink Shark’s, Sara, is a business owner that sells merchandise on her own website. Before Pink Shark’s digital marketing services, she was struggling to control her advertising costs, and not getting the traffic and conversions she aimed for. Pink Shark assisted her with stunning new content and strategies that made her ad effective in reaching her targeted consumers. They were not only able to reach her specific targeted users and bring them into the site but also helped ensure that they completed their purchases, leading to a significant increase in conversions overall.

It’s no secret that Google Ads company is powerful for growing any business. There are many steps to having effective results, and Pink Shark Marketing is the company that does all the hard work for you. All the clients we’ve heard from, and many others, found success with Pink Shark’s professional advice and excellent customer service. By working together to come up with a sound strategy, having great content and campaigns, and learning what resonates with their audience is what makes Pink Shark Marketing an excellent choice to help with expanding businesses outside L.A county. We hope this post has been helpful to any individuals looking for great results with Google Ads and will consider Pink Shark Marketing for growing their business in the future.

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