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google advertising

What Are Google Ads?

Google’s ad tools can help grow your business. They connect you to potential clients who are a perfect match for what you offer. One standout tool is Google Adwords. It lets you find people who are actively searching for your products or services. This means you’re more likely to get attention and interactions that matter. Want more details? Keep reading to learn about the different Google Ads we work with and how we handle Google Advertising campaigns.

Google Ads Search (Adwords)

Google Search Ads are finely tuned, enabling prospective clients to discover you when they're actively searching for the exact product or service you offer.

Google Ads Display

Display ads come with numerous advantages. They capture the interest of your desired audience, foster a good brand image, potentially boost sales, and aid in building lasting loyalty towards your brand!

Google Ads Remarketing

Google's remarketing tool lets you show ads to individuals who've previously browsed your website or certain products. It's worth noting that, on average, a person needs about 7 interactions before making a purchase!

Google Ads Shopping

Google Shopping Ads are an excellent choice for ecommerce brands. They often outshine text-only ads in performance. For numerous sellers, these ads are crucial in boosting brand visibility and gaining an edge over rivals.

Our Process

  • consultation

    In our discussions with you, we delve into objectives, preferred conversion costs, monthly advertising budget, and other specific needs. We offer a tailored questionnaire to guarantee that every aspect is addressed for crafting the best possible advertising campaign.

  • research

    We dedicate time to grasp your products and services by reviewing your website and sourcing other relevant information. This helps us understand your market niche. We also analyze competitors and their marketing approaches. Using this thorough research and insights from Google, we craft strategies that best position your brand, leveraging opportunities and sidestepping competitor overlaps. This groundwork paves the way for a customized and impactful advertising campaign.

  • campaign development

    Based on our research, we craft campaigns that emphasize your most lucrative products and services, informed by our findings. We design campaign frameworks with precise segmentation for targeted outreach, complemented by tracking mechanisms for enhanced efficiency. Our development encompasses keyword targeting, copy creation, extensions, exclusionary keywords, Google Analytics integration, and beyond. Once we’ve finalized the campaign, we present it to you for feedback and confirmation.

  • campaign launch

    After receiving your approval on the campaigns, we proceed to upload and initiate them on Google. As we kickstart the campaigns, the initial metrics might need some time to stabilize since the ads are new. This might result in slightly elevated costs initially, but they will soon normalize.

  • analysis and tracking

    Using various software tools, we can monitor and evaluate data across different channels. This capability empowers us to make data-driven adjustments to campaigns. We track various metrics, including sales, lead acquisitions, signups, phone calls, and other key performance indicators that you deem vital for your business growth.

  • optimization and management

    After setting up and initiating your campaigns, it’s crucial for us to persistently fine-tune expenses based on results. Using data, we can enhance aspects like campaign budgets, keyword bids, search terms, negative keywords, ad variations, A/B testing, display ads, ad placements, product feeds, audience selection, targeting, strategic experiments, and much more.

    Ready to supercharge your advertising efforts? Complete the form below, and we’ll arrange a call to provide you with an estimate!

case studies

Our projects range from website designs to digital advertising, if it’s digital we’re doing it

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Google Advertising



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Private Client – Dog Training Products

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Google Advertising

Social Media Management



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Tale of Knives – Facebook and Instagram Advertising

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Renude – Google Advertising

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Broward Paver & Turf Services – Lead Generation – Facebook/Instagram Advertising

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Lead Generation



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Skinpeccable – Search Engine Optimization – Local Business SEO


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Acting & Voice Studios – Facebook/Instagram Advertising

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HML Investments – Rebrand

Logo Design and Brand Development

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