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google advertising

What Are Google Ads?

Google advertising platforms provide you with the ability to scale your business through targeting potential customers who are a great fit for your brand. One of the most successful ad types we’ve seen, has been Google Adwords as you can target people with intent. These users are searching directly for your products/services and seeking more information.

Below you will find more information as to the different types of Google Ads we support along with our process for Google Advertising Management.

Google Ads Search (Adwords)

Google Search Ads are highly targeted allowing potential customers to find you as they’re seeking out the specific product or service you provide.

Google Ads Display

Display ads offer many benefits. They attract the attention of your target audience, develop a positive reputation, can increase sales and help develop customer loyalty to your brand!

Google Ads Remarketing

Google’s remarketing feature allows you to display ads to people who have already visited your website and/or specific products. Remember it takes an average of 7 touchpoints for a person to make a purchase!

Google Ads Shopping

Google Shopping Ads – A great decision for ecommerce brands! They perform better than text-based ads and for many merchants they are the key to driving brand awareness and outperforming competitors.

Our Process

  • consultation

    Through communication with you we discuss goals, desired costs for conversion, monthly ad budget, and any other requirements. We provide a specialized questionnaire to ensure that all points have been covered to create the most optimal advertising campaign

  • research

    We take the time to learn about your services and/or products from their website and any other information we can find. We use this data to help us better understand their niche. During this stage we also research competitors, and their campaign strategies. We are able to collect enough information through this research, as well as Google to find the most

  • campaign development

    The basis of social media relies heavily on the community aspects.

    The social media “community” involves engaging with other users to build relationships through digital handshakes. These come in the forms of likes, comments, replies, direct messages, and more. We help facilitate these relationships by managing this role.

  • campaign launch

    Once you have approved the campaigns, we will upload and launch them into Google. During the launch phase, the campaign statistics will take time to optimize as we are creating new ads. This means you can typically expect to see higher than average costs, which will soon level out.

  • analysis and tracking

    Through multiple software systems, we are able to track and analyze data across multiple formats. This allows us to make informed decisions to update campaigns. This includes trackability of sales, lead fills, signups, phone calls, and many other KPI’s that you express to be most important for your growth.

  • optimization and management

    Now that we’ve setup and launched your campaigns, it’s important for us to continuously optimize costs based on performance. We are able to make improvements based on data to effectively manage campaign budgets, keyword bidding and statuses, search terms, negative keywords, ads, a/b testing, display ads, display ad placements, product feeds, audiences, targeting, strategy testing, and much more.

    Looking to jumpstart your advertising campaigns today? Fill out the form below and we’ll schedule a call to give you a quote!

case studies

Our projects range from website designs to digital advertising, if it’s digital we’re doing it

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