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When are You Justified in Starting over with a New SEO Company?

July 20, 2015


I was taken aback by the first headline in this Marketing Land article about six action items for people looking to make gains in online marketing this year. Neil Patel goes for the jugular by advising people to fire their SEO agency.

His actual advice is not as drastic as that, though. He reasonably elaborates by saying that you might have to fire your local SEO company if they’re failing to keep up with changes in the world of search engine optimization.

I’m well aware that even in the excellent talent pool of Los Angles, SEO companies can be prone to falling behind the times and depriving their clients of important, modern strategies. Thus, I’m quick to endorse Patel’s list of poor practices that justify firing a local SEO company. You can read the full list at Marketing Land, but most items fall within the category of failing to communicate strategies and data to the client.

This, as well as much of Patel’s article, also highlights a principle of SEO that we’ve brought up repeatedly in this blog. Search engine optimization is no longer just a discrete set of practices. It is part of an overall marketing strategy and ought to be integrated with other practices. Thus, a good local SEO company should also be a good local social media company, and it should be staffed with people who understand the various modern facets of online marketing.

If your local SEO company isn’t going beyond generating backlinks and isn’t communicating its progress to you on a regular basis, then by all means, fire it.

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