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How a Los Angeles SEO Company May React to Poor Customer Reviews

June 1, 2018

You probably won’t be the least bit surprised to find that negative customer reviews can drag down your site’s search ranking. A good Los Angeles SEO company can help to counteract this effect, but its efforts will only be truly effective if the company also deals in other web services like social media management.

Bad reviews don’t just prevent prospective customers from following through on a purchase; they also prevent some people from visiting your site in the first place. This is largely because it’s increasingly common for a company’s cumulative ranking by users to show up right on the search results page. And companies with ratings under 3.5 stars generate far fewer clicks at that point.

Meanwhile, on dedicated review platforms like Yelp or Trip Advisor, your site won’t even show up near the top of search results if its star ranking is low. The best Los Angeles SEO company can’t fix this for you – not without addressing the low ranking directly. This is where social media management web development services come into play. Comprehensive web services can bolster your SEO within the confines of existing user ratings while also working to generate positive reviews, so as to raise the upper limit of your SEO target.

Now, if you’re dealing with a disreputable Los Angeles SEO company, you might be offered a quick solution to erasing negative reviews, usually involving a flurry of fake, positive ones. But these tactics carry much more risk than reward. Search engines will generally recognize the deception and penalize your site or shut it out altogether.

A better Los Angeles SEO company will set its sights on organically raising your company’s reputation. This can be accomplished through a strategy in which traditional search engine optimization leads to consistent customer engagement and conflict resolution, which can make happy customers substantially more likely to share their positive experiences and prevent your detractors from dominating the conversation.

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