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Retain Old Internet Marketing Tactics, but Adapt Them

January 5, 2018

As we’ve discussed in recent posts, the start of a new year can be a good time to get ahead of new trends in web development, social media management, and internet marketing more generally. But it bears mentioning that this does not mean that a site owner or internet marketing professional should let their attention wander away from more traditional practices.

While new technologies and other resources are certain to become increasingly important with each passing year, it may also take a very long time for their older alternatives to fade from the landscape of internet marketing. As one example, direct e-mail marketing no longer occupies the cutting edge of that field at a time when many people rely on social media to a far greater extent than e-mail. Yet, for some web-based businesses, this remains one of the most effective ways of encouraging actual engagement from existing and potential customers.

But even if a given internet marketing tactic is evergreen, that doesn’t mean that it is unchanging. The challenges associated with e-mail marketing continue to evolve, including the omnipresent threat of consignment to a spam folder, as well as the danger of false opt-ins by malicious bots. These problems, together with the potential benefits of e-mail outreach, speak to the need for site owners to partner with internet marketing professionals who can utilize old tactics in new ways.

This topic also highlights the benefits that can be found in making sure your local internet marketing firm is also staffed with experts in web development, who can upgrade and adapt existing site contents like e-mail opt-in forms. In absence of that expertise, problems could accrue to such a level that you feel compelled to discard older internet marketing tactics long before they actually outlive their usefulness.

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