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When the owner of a website asks an internet marketing company to demonstrate his or her return on investment, that company should pull upon a wide range of metrics to show that customer reach, engagement, and conversions are all improving.

This is equally true of paid marketing campaigns and organic processes like social media marketing and search engine optimization. The overall goal for all of those tasks is to sustain a long-term upward trend. But progress in one area does not always equate to progress in others. And a trustworthy internet marketing company should always been straightforward with its clients about which metrics are doing well, and which need improvement.

When building a social media presence, for instance, such an internet marketing company could have early success in building the client’s social media reach, yet struggle to secure significant engagement. This isn’t a failing unless the company can’t correct for the shortfall in one area while continuing to exploit the earned advantages in another. In fact, a professional internet marketing company should be downright eager to highlight that which needs improvement, and to discuss it with the client in terms of a larger strategy.

With SEO professionals, web developers, or an internet marketing company in general, one should always be wary of those who promise the world. If a service provider is only making you aware of the metrics that are trending in the desired direction, there’s a good chance they’re hiding something, especially if it’s still early in the marketing campaign.

When a client website and internet marketing company get together for strategic planning, comprehensiveness should be the order of the day. While a glowing report might make some clients feel good, what feels best of all is being secure in the knowledge that one’s marketing campaign is in the hands of someone with a firm, far-reaching grasp on every relevant metric, with a clear sense of how to improve them all over the long term.



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