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How a Web Design Company Can Strengthen Calls to Action

May 18, 2018

The initial goal of your web marketing and SEO campaign is, of course, to get people to click onto your site. But your web design company is largely responsible for fulfilling an equally important goal: turning clicks into real action. “Action” in this case might refer to making a purchase through your e-commerce site, providing information for your company to follow up, or leaving feedback on the site. Whatever the case may be, your web design company must make it clear to the visitor what he or she is expected to do before leaving.

You probably won’t have a hard time conceptualizing some of the relevant calls to action on your own. They involve directing visitors to online forms, shopping carts, and so on. But a good web design company can turn an indistinct sign post into a flashing neon sign, so to speak. At a glance, a simple hyperlink or a bit of on-screen text might seem like adequate instruction for any visitor. Yet for many of those who find themselves on your site for the first time, it’s easy to overlook things or simply to be bored by a site and click away before taking action.

These sorts of possibilities are things your local web design company should be prepared for, and its representatives should be able to explain how they will mitigate the effects of distraction or a lack of user motivation. Relevant tricks might be as simple as adding a recognizable graphic or using subtle color changes to make a button or link stand out. Or they may be as nuanced as tailoring the language or your site to its visitors, as when a Los Angeles web design company writes content for a mostly local audience.

In any event, on-site calls to action might not always be as simple as they seem. And in the massively competitive landscape of today’s internet, a tiny boost in the power of your own call to action might have a profound effect on the number of site visits that yield actual customer interactions.

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