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Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms can be an extremely lucrative advertising outlet for many types of businesses. Promote your business everywhere through Facebook and Instagram Advertising at Pink Shark, where real people are managing your online advertising campaigns. We are experts in conversion tracking, relentless testing, and digital advertising.

The uniqueness of advertising on social media stems from the ability to reach people who fit your exact buyer profile, but may not know they need your product yet. Not only can you reach this audience, but through this advertising method you can retarget people who are familiar with your brand, but have not decided to purchase yet.

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types of ads

facebook ads

image posts
video posts
carousel posts

instagram ads

image posts
video posts
carousel posts

Targeted Audiences

People who are part of an interest/behavior group or demographic.

Retargeting Audiences

People who are familiar and have engaged with your brand in the past
Website Visitors
App Activity
Facebook/ Instagram Page Engagement
Past customers
And More!

how we do it

  • consultation

    Through communication with you we discuss goals, desired costs for conversion, monthly ad budget, and any other requirements. We provide a specialized questionnaire to ensure that all points have been covered to create the most optimal advertising campaign.


    We take the time to learn about your services and/or products from your social media pages, website and any other information we can find. We use this data to help us better understand your niche. During this stage we also research competitors, and their campaign strategies. We are able to collect enough information through this research, as well as Facebook/Instagram to find the most efficient strategies for your campaigns.


    Through our research, we develop campaigns that highlight your most profitable products and services based on our data. We create campaign structures with segmentation for laser focused targeting, alongside tractability for efficiencies. We either guide you through creating content (photos/videos) in-house with what types will be most effective, or we will create the content for you (if budgeted). Once we’ve gathered the right content, we will develop all the ads, captions, headlines, and calls to action. Upon completion of development we submit to you for review and approval.


    Once you have approved the campaigns, we will upload and launch them into Facebook and/or Instagram. During the launch phase, the campaign statistics will take time to optimize as we are creating new ads. This means you can typically expect to see higher than average costs, which will soon level out.


    Through multiple software systems, we can to track and analyze data across multiple formats. It allows us to make informed decisions to update campaigns. This includes tractability of sales, lead fills, signups, phone calls, and many other KPI’s that you express to be most important for your growth.

  • Optimization and Management

    Now that we’ve setup and launched your campaigns, it’s important for us to continuously optimize costs based on performance. We are able to make improvements based on data to effectively manage campaign budgets, targeting, ad types, captions, and much more.

    Are you looking to jumpstart your facebook and instagram advertising campaigns today? Fill out the form below and we’ll schedule a call to give you a quote!

case studies

Our projects range from website designs to digital advertising, if it’s digital we’re doing it

Huber’s Animal Health – Google Advertising

Google Advertising



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Hairvivi – Facebook and Instagram Advertising

FB/IG Advertising



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Boldface – FB/IG Advertising + Google Advertising

FB/IG Advertising

Google Advertising



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Private Client – Dog Training Products

FB/IG Advertising

Google Advertising

Social Media Management



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Tale of Knives – Facebook and Instagram Advertising

FB/IG Advertising



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Renude – Google Advertising

Google Advertising



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Broward Paver & Turf Services – Lead Generation – Facebook/Instagram Advertising

FB/IG Advertising

Lead Generation



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Skinpeccable – Search Engine Optimization – Local Business SEO


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Acting & Voice Studios – Facebook/Instagram Advertising

FB/IG Advertising



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HML Investments – Rebrand

Logo Design and Brand Development

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