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We Can Lead Your Instagram Marketing, or Just Support It

October 10, 2020

Have you seen our Instagram marketing? Pink Shark has been enjoying the process of helping some of our clients to develop their brand identity on the platform. And as you should expect of any professional marketing outfit in Los Angeles, that involves a lot more than scheduling posts and managing engagements.

Pink Shark prides itself on leading Instagram marketing projects from start to finish, if that’s what the client needs. Of course, some clients are bound to come to us with their own pre-fabricated images, and their own brand concepts. And in those cases, we’re happy to take the reins on their project and continue working within their parameters.

But then there are those clients who come to us with only vague ideas – if any at all – about their Instagram marketing expectations. If you fall into that category, you can expect to sit down with us and develop a shared concept of which kinds of users you’re targeting, how we plan to reach them, and how this will shape both the content and the style of your social media images.

From there, you can also determine how hands-on or how laissez faire you want to be. Not a lot of businesses have in-house photographers who can create studio-quality images of their own products for Instagram marketing purposes. You may have someone on staff, or another acquaintance, who wants to try their hand at it, but you don’t need to put the entire campaign on their shoulders. We can find effective ways of folding that content in with the material we produce on our own or in partnership with our third-party vendors.

If you want to know what our from-the-ground-up Instagram marketing campaigns look like, have a look at our own page. There, we regularly feature the content we’re producing for various clients, often with a bit of explanation regarding the concepts that go into production, layout, and sequencing. We hope we’re not giving the game away, but we don’t mind offering prospective clients a little bit of insight into how they personally run an Instagram marketing campaign, as long as it shows how prepared we are to take control over your brand.

You may end up wanting to go that route, or you may decide that it’s better to try going it alone at first. Either option is fine with us, and you should always know that we’re prepared to step back and play a supporting role, or to really take command of your Instagram marketing. The choice is yours. But whatever you need, you can be sure the skillset is ours.

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