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Difficult Circumstances Create Opportunities for Cheap Digital Advertising

May 16, 2020

Digital advertising campaigns could benefit from the captive audiences they have among populations that are on lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. So it may be somewhat surprising that a number of companies – both large and small – have put their digital advertising on pause.

Of course, the thought process is understandable. Commercial activity has declined across the board, so there are reasons to question the likely return on investment from the purchase of digital advertising. Interestingly, though, the variables are changing as a result of the prevalence of this thinking. A reduction in demand is actually lowering the price of digital advertising on some platforms and in some localities.

If your campaigns are among those that are on pause, it might be a good idea to ask your local web marketing firm whether there’s an opportunity to resume at a lower cost. And if you have yet to venture into pay-per-click digital advertising, this might be the time to start.

The short-term benefits of that effort may still be modest. But if your business is currently operating in any capacity, the current circumstances represent an opportunity for you to get a leg up on your competition in time for local and national economies to reopen.

Well-targeted digital advertising could win you attention from consumers who are spending more time than ever online. And considering how long people have been waiting for lockdowns to end, you can expect that some of them are putting more and more thought into what they’re going to do once their lives feel fairly normal again.

That new attention, in turn, can be a source of new followers on social media, leading to more organic interactions and word-of-mouth about your business. And even idly curious clicks on your banner ads could help to boost your search engine optimization, making your company’s site easier to find in the long run.

These are all features of a digital advertising campaign that looks beyond immediate sales. That is something your campaign should probably do even during normal times. But it is especially important during the pandemic, as many small business are struggling with questions about how to remain afloat and jump-start their recovery as soon as conditions allow.

Those questions point to the need for a long-term strategy. They also underscore the value of creative adjustments by a local web marketing firm. As valuable as digital advertising still is, it’s unlikely to be successful if it’s based on the same content you were trying to promote health crises and lockdowns. Still, there’s a strategy that will work for your company even now, and as soon as you find it, you can start moving toward a remarkable competitive advantage in a newly re-opened economy.

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